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Download samples of fundraising letters, pledge forms, and other tools designed by Advantage Consulting Services to help local non-profit organizations get the fundraising advantage!

Sample Donor Form
This form was developed for a mentor program and is used to solicit individual donations.   It is a simple one-sided document that includes a description of the program, staes a need for donations and what the funds are used for, and includes a pledge form at the bottom.  Note the use of quotes from mentors and mentees.  This ads a personal touch to the appeal.  This form can be used as part of a direct mail campaign, or used during face-to-face visits with major donors.

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Sample Pledge Form
This pledge form was developed for a capital campaign.  Pledge forms should be simple and "user friendly."

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Sample Donor Prospects Worksheet
This worksheet is helpful in capital campaigns and other fundraising appeals.  It is used with staff, board of directors and volunteers, with the purpose of collecting names of possible donors that can be approached either in a face-to-face solicitation or through a targeted mail campaign.

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Sample "Targeted" Letter
There are two basic fundraising appeals that are done by mail:  the direct mail campaign and the "targeted" letter.  A direct campaign is usually general and scope while a targeted letter appeals to a specific individual or group.  Targeted appeals are generally more successful and require a personal connection between the organization's cause/mission and the prospective donor.

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Sample Letters and Phone Script
These samples were developed for a capital campaign, but can be adopted for other "targeted" appeals.  These samples are given to volunteers who are soliciting donations and are tools to help the volunteer write and send letters and make phone calls to prospective donors.

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If you have any questions or require more assistance with your fundraising appeal or special event, contact Advantage Consulting Services.  We offer FREE consultations to non-profit organizations and groups.

Doug Seubert
Non-Profit Development Specialist
Advantage Consulting Services
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Marshfield, WI 54449-0504
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